IDW '22


Information for Authors

The conference will be held in a hybrid style (on-site, on-demand and metaverse). Presenters and attendees can discuss directly and also use text chat tools.
The proceedings of IDW '22 and recorded session videos will be available both during and after the conference to the conference attendees until late January 2023. In addition, a few months after the conference, the proceedings will be provided as an online open-access archive and each paper will be given a unique DOI (Digital Object Identifier).

Author Timeline
Format of Presentation

Accepted papers will be assigned for either oral or poster presentation in the most suitable session by the program committee. You can indicate your preferred format at the summary submission.

Presenters must come to the conference venue to make a presentation unless otherwise unable to attend due to COVID-19 travel restrictions or if a presenter is an invited speaker. Please note that if the in-person conference is canceled due to COVID-19, IDW '22 will be turned into an online conference.

(1) Oral Presentations

The time allocated to each oral presentation is 20 minutes in principle, including a question and answer period. Please check the program for the fixed presentation time.
Oral presenters are strongly urged to attend the Extended Q&A after the session (in the session room or aisle of the session room).

Note for Invited Speakers
If you cannot come to the conference venue, you can make your presentation via an online meeting tool (Zoom Meeting).

All oral sessions (excl. Extended live Q&A) will be recorded and available for conference attendees until late January 2023. If a problem occurs in recording the oral presentation, the presenter may be asked later on to submit their presentation video for distribution.

(2) Poster Presentations

Poster presentations should follow an 80-minute format, and be given by individual presenters in front of their posters. Presenters can submit their poster file in PDF format and a link (URL) to presentation video.

Short Presentation
The poster presenters in the sessions organized by the following workshops must give a brief oral presentation with no discussion time.

  • Workshop on FPD Manufacturing, Materials and Components
  • Workshop on Projection and Large-Area Displays and Their Components
  • Workshop on Electronic Paper and Nonvolatile Displays

In case of COVID-19 Travel Restrictions

Oral Presentation
Presenters must attend and make their presentation in the assigned oral session using the online meeting tool (Zoom meeting).
Poster Presentation
Presenters must submit their poster file in PDF format. They must communicate with the participants via the text chat tool or email. They can also submit a link (URL) to presentation video.

The authors will be notified of the results of their Technical Summary review via e-mail. Upon acceptance of the paper, the authors must prepare a Camera-Ready Manuscript to be published in the conference proceedings. The authors can use their Technical Summary as a Camera-Ready Manuscript if it meets the format, but all the authors must submit the Camera-Ready Manuscript file before the deadline of Camera-Ready Manuscript submission.
Acceptance is subject to the following conditions. If these are not met, the Program Committee may withhold approval for your manuscript and remove your presentation from the conference program.

  1. Registration of the presenter's participation in IDW '22 and payment of registration fees must be completed by the due date stated in the notification e-mail of evaluation. Each presentation requires a registration fee.
  2. The authors must submit a Camera-Ready Manuscript of their presentation by the respective deadlines.
  3. Poster presenter must submit their poster file in PDF format if they cannot come to the conference venue due to the COVID-19 travel restrictions or if IDW cancels the in-person conference.
  4. The maximum number of pages for the Camera-Ready Manuscript is four and at least two pages must be completed.
  5. All company or governmental permission must be obtained.
  6. The author must be the copyright holder or have written permission from the copyright holder for any material used in the paper. The use of trademarked items (company or product logos, images, and products name) is not permitted without permission. The copyrights of your Camera-Ready Manuscript will be transferred to ITE and SID. However, the copyrights of your recorded presentation will not be transferred.
  7. The Camera-Ready Manuscript submitted to the conference proceedings must not be published in any media, including personal websites before it is presented at the conference.
Late-News Papers

A limited number of late-news papers on very important new findings or developments can be accepted. Authors are requested to submit a 2-4 page Camera-Ready manuscript on A4-sized paper accompanied by an abstract. For the manuscript, at least two pages must be completed with text and figures / tables / photographs. The submission instructions will be given on the conference website in August.


The copyrights of your submitted Camera-Ready manuscript will be transferred to ITE and SID. See the copyright terms and conditions. On the other hand, the copyrights of your recorded presentation will not be transferred. We will have the right to make it available online to the registered conference attendees until late January 2023.

I-Demo for All Oral and Poster Presenters

I-DEMO (Innovative Demonstration Session) offers an opportunity for an interdisciplinary technical demonstration and discussion in a wider area for a longer time with a rich and stable power environment. We highly encourage a wide variety of demonstrations from leading-edge hardware to state-of-the-art software techniques as well as entire display systems.

IDW Awards

The award committee of IDW will select the Best Paper, Best Student Paper, Outstanding Poster Paper and Outstanding Demonstrations from those presented at IDW '22. The paper awards shall be granted on the basis of the excellence of the paper, and the presentation and discussion of them. The winners will be announced on the IDW website and awarded a plaque.

Extended Paper for Journals

Some papers will be recommended for submission as extended papers to the Special Section of the Journal of the ITE, the Journal of the SID, and the IEICE Transactions on Electronics.


Registration fees are not refundable for any reason, including to:

  1. Cancellation of presentation by presenters
  2. Cancellation of acceptance of presentation by the IDW program committee due to failure to submit or follow the requirements for presenters such as Camera-Ready manuscripts and presentation materials.

IDW is not responsible for participants' expenses caused by the cancellation of participation in the in-person conference.