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1. Overview

I-DEMO (Innovative Demonstration Session) offers an opportunity for an interdisciplinary technical demonstration/discussion in a larger space, more preparation and demonstration time than in the Author Interviews. You can present impressive and innovative display experiences to all participants aimed at fruitful discussion.

IDW committee encourages variety of demonstrations ranging from fundamental hardware issues to entire systems on the topic of display technologies. All accepted oral and poster papers have a right to submit their paper to I-DEMO.

2. Deadlines & Key Dates

2018.9.11 (Tue.) Deadline for regular paper authors
2018.9.28 (Fri.) Acceptance notification for regular paper authors
2018.10.22 (Mon.) Deadline for late news authors
2018.10.29 Mon.) Acceptance notification for late news authors
2018.12.13 (Thu.) I-DEMO

3. Submission

Please read the following description carefully.
Note that any submission that lacks required material will be regrettably rejected.

3.1 Submission for review
Please submit a short abstract in a PDF format (template and sample) that contains the following information via the submission site.
The submitted information is used only for the review.

  1. A 100 words abstract
  2. Representative picture(s)
  3. (Optional) List of required conditions for your demo, if you have any special requirements such as lighting, space, or power conditions beyond the standard options.
  4. (Optional but recommended) URL of your demo video, if already available online.

3.2 Submission after acceptance
Please submit the following materials via the submission site that we announce to only accepted authors.
All submitted materials will be published on our website and proceedings.

  1. A 100 words abstract
  2. (Optional but recommended) A representative picture
    • Will be included in the Proceedings and I-DEMO site.
    • File format must be either .png or .jpg
    • Image resolution must be 640 x 480
  3. (Optional) URL of your demo video, if already available online

4. Demonstration Facility Information

IDW offers the following standard environment. If you have any special requests on the environments, please describe it via submission page.

5. FAQ

5.1 General questions
Q.1.1 Who is a right person to ask questions related to I-DEMO?
A.1.1 Our secretariat ( )

Q.1.2. Who can submit to I-DEMO?
A.1.2. Only accepted oral and poster papers have their right to submit to I-DEMO.

Q.1.3 Can I submit to I-DEMO though I was rejected or even didn't submit as a regular or late news paper?
A.1.3 NO. As A.1.2. says, only accepted oral and poster papers have right to submit to I-DEMO.

5.2 Demo environment
Q.2.1. Do you prepare adapters/transformers for demo presenters?
A.2.1. NO. We prepare type A sockets for each demo. If additional adapters/transformers are needed, presenters must prepare them.

Q.2.2. What is the maximum power for each demo?
A.2.2. It's up to 600W for each demo. If you want to more power, please describe it in the summary..

Q.2.3. Our demo needs darker environment for some reason!
A.2.3. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any darker area in demo area. Please prepare by yourself if your demo needs it.
Q.2.4. We'd like to use more space, power, etc., what would we do?
A.2.4. Please describe your expected condition via the submission site.

5.3 Submission
Q.3.1. Why do you introduce a pre-conference review this year?
A.3.1. It's due to space limitation and floor planning but not for quality control.

Q.3.2. If the submission is less than the space capacity, will you accept all of them?
A.3.2. Ideally, yes. Optional required condition might cause rejection.

Q.3.3. Regarding copyright conditions, we don't want to submit any representative pictures.
A.3.3. It's completely up to you. A representative picture is mandatory for review but not for website. Only if you (and your institute) are fine to publish the picture on our website, please submit it. In case you want to remove the submitted picture from the website after we publish it, please contact us. We will delete it as soon as possible.

5.4 Transportation to the conference venue
Will announce after the acceptance notification.

5.5 During demo session
Q.5.1. How long is the I-DEMO session?
A.5.1. It's mandatory to demo for 4 hours in the middle of poster sessions on Dec. 13th.

Q.5.2. When is the mandatory time period?
A.5.2. From 11:15 to 15:15

Q.5.3. Is it possible to demonstrate longer? 1st half of the poster session 1 and 2nd half of the poster session 2 look non-mandatory.
A.5.3. Yes. If you want, you can present your demo from the beginning of 1st poster session to the end of 2nd poster session.