IDW '23


Keynote Addresses

Rihito Kuroda

Tohoku University

Advanced Sensing Technology and Its Future

Feng Gao

Linköping University

Metal Halide Perovskite LEDs and Their Applications for Multifunctional Displays

Hiroaki Nakai

Canon Medical Systems Corporation

Technology Trends in Diagnostic Imaging Systems

Michael Brachvogel


BMW i Vision DEE - Your Ultimate Companion - Driven by Technology

The titles are tentative.

Invited Talks

Fusion of Liquid Crystal Display Technologies and Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell for ESG Applications
Atsushi Fukui (Sharp Corporation)

Design Improvement of Highly Efficient Pancake Optics for HMD
Takehisa Yoshida (Sharp Display Technology Corporation)

Development of Micro LED
Zheng Gong (Guangdong Academy of Sciences)

Printed Technology for an Advanced Digital Micro-LED pixel
Emmanuel Fuchs (Aledia)

Chromogenic Smart Window
Kazuki Yoshimura (AIST)

Haptic Interaction Techniques for Dexterous Manipulation in Metaverses
Shoichi Hasegawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology)

A Novel Vibration Feedback Method Based on the Human Perceptual Intensity to Deliver Realistic Audiovisual Experiences
Masashi Konyo (Tohoku University)

Flicker-free 1Hz FFS-LCDs
MinSu Kim (Jeonbuk National University)

The titles are tentative.
Additional invited talks are being arranged.