Conference Record of IDW/AD '12


Name 19th International Display Workshops in conjunction with Asia Display 2012
Date December 4-7, 2012
Conference Site Kyoto International Conference Center, Kyoto, Japan
Number of participants 1251

Workshop on LC Science and Technologies (LCT)

Workshop on Active Matrix Displays (AMD)

Workshop on FPD Manufacturing, Materials and Components (FMC)

Workshop on Plasma Displays (PDP)

Workshop on EL Displays and Phosphors (PH)

Workshop on Field Emission Display and CRT (FED)

Workshop on OLED Displays and Related Technologies (OLED)

Workshop on 3D/Hyper-Realistic Displays and Systems (3D)

Workshop on Applied Vision and Human Factors (VHF)

Workshop on Projection and Large-Area Displays, and Their Components (PRJ)
Workshop on Electronic Paper (EP)
Workshop on MEMS and Emerging Technologies for Future Displays and Devices (MEET)
Workshop on Display Electronics and Systems (DES)
Workshop on Flexible Displays (FLX)
Workshop on Touch Panels and Input Technologies (INP)
Special Topics of Interest

Special Topics of Interest on Oxide TFT

Special Topics of Interest on Augmented Reality (AR)

Special Topics of Interest on Lighting Technologies (LIT)

Number of papers1) 509 (incl. 82 Late-news Papers)
Number of oral presentations 312

Number of poster presentations

Keynote Addresses
1. "Defy Gravity: Beyond Tangible Bits, Toward Radical Atoms", H. Ishii (MIT Media Lab, USA) (see video)
2. "Steps Toward a Giant Leap in Mixed and Augmented Reality", H. Tamura (Ritsumeikan Univ., Japan)
3. "A Crystal Ball View of Smart TV for 2013 and Beyond", N. Murakami (Former VP of Google &Former President of Google Japan, Japan) (see video)
4. "How e-Readers and Tablets are Changing Books, News papers and Documents", S. Nordqvist (WAN-IFRA, Germany)

IDW Best Paper Award

13 papers (see detail)

IDW Outstanding Poster Paper Award

18 papers (see detail)
Not presented papers at the Conference2) 20 papers (LCT6-3, LCTp1-6, LCTp1-8, LCTp1-11L, LCTp3-14L, FMC9-3, FMCp-1, FMCp-2, FMCp-4, FMCp-5, FMCp-7, PHp-10, OLEDp-12, 3Dp-9, 3Dp-11, VHFp-7, VHFp-12L, VHF6-3, EP2-3, MEET4-6L)
Final Program Download

1) Withdrawn and not presented papers are excluded.
2) Although the papers were published in the proceedings of IDW/AD '12, They were not included as official papers by the IDW committee.