IDW '17
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Keynote Address

Next Generation Technologies for Mobile Use Display
Akio Takimoto (Japan Display, Japan)

China AMOLED Status and Opportunity
Vincent Tseng (Tianma Micro-elect., China)

Augmented Reality in Medicine - Design and Applications -
Toshiya Nakaguchi (Chiba Univ., Japan)


The titles are tentative.


Invited Talk

Optical Instrument Requirements for Measuring Near-Eye Displays
John Penczek (NIST, Univ. of Colorado)

Midair Haptic Interaction with 3D Image
Hiroyuki Shinoda (Univ. of Tokyo)

The Whole-Body Haptic Interface for Virtual Reality
Hiroyuki Kajimoto (The Univ. of Electro-Commun.)

Organic Thin Film Transistors Fabricated with Liquid Crystalline Organic-Semiconductors
Hiroaki Iino (Tokyo Tech)

1Million:1High Contrast Ratio IPS-LCD Technology
Yoichi Yasui (Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display)

Automotive Displays:Visual Ergonomics and Measurements
Karlheinz Blankenbach (Pforzheim Univ. of Applied Sci.)

Visual Ergonomics and Colorimetry
Hirohisa Yaguchi (Chiba Univ.)

Oxide TFT Fabrication Techniques for Advanced Flexible FPD Backplanes
Hyun Jae Kim (Yonsei Univ.)

Highly Transparent Color LCD with Field Sequential Color Driving, and Scattering Image without Employing Polarizer by Directly Introduced-Light from the Edge of the Substrates
Kentaro Okuyama (Japan Display)

Novel High-Image-Quality Technologies for Premium OLED TVs
Hong Jae Shin (LG Display)


The titles are tentative.
Additional invited talks were arranged.
Please see Final Program.