IDW '99 Outstanding Poster Paper Award Winners


LCTp2 - 1 Dynamic Bend Mode in a Pi-Cell
H. Nakamura (IBM Japan, Japan)
LCTp2 - 4

Optical Design of the LC Layer on Reflective LCDs with a Single Polarizer
M. Okamoto, K. Minoura, S. Mitsui (Sharp, Japan)

AMDp - 4

New Bias Voltage Generators for TFT-LCD’s Drivers
M. Hirata, Y. Suzuki, M. Yoshida, Y. Arayashiki, M. Teramoto, S. Choomchuay* (Tokai Univ., Japan, *ReCCIT/KMITL, Thailand)

AMDp - 6

New Polycrystalline Silicon TFT's with Selectively Doped Region in the Channel
M.-C. Lee, J.-H. Jeon, J.-S. Yoo, M.-K. Han (Seoul Nat. Univ., Korea)

FMCp - 4

Hybrid Aligned Rod-like Liquid Crystalline Polymer Film as Viewing Angle Compensator for NW-TN-LCDs: Improvement of Gray Scale Performance
T. Kaminade, E. Yoda, K. Suzuki, T. Toyooka, Y. Kobori, K. Inoue*, T. Kurita* (Nippon Mitsubishi Oil, Japan, *Nippon Petrochems., Japan)

FMCp - 10

Novel Color Switching Mode in Fluorescent LCDs
R. Yamaguchi, J. Kishida, S. Sato* (Akita Univ., Japan)

CRTp - 3

Assembling Method of a CRT with an Inner Yoke
X. Li, Y. Zheng, L. Li (Southeast Univ., China)

PDPp1 - 14

3-Dimensional Numerical Analysis on AC-PDP Cell
H. S. Jeong, Y. Murakami, M. Seki (NHK, Japan)

PDPp1 - 19

Improvement of Luminance and Luminous Efficiency in PDPs Driven by Radio Frequency Pulses
J. Kang, W. G. Jeon, O. D. Kim, J. W. Song, J. P. Boeuf*, M. H. Park (LG Elect., Korea, *Univ. Paul Sabatier, France)

PDPp1 - 20

Energy Loss Mechanisms in AC-PDP Discharges
M. H. Klein, R. Snijkers, G. Hagelaar* (*Eindhoven Univ. of Tech., The Netherlands)

PDPp1 - 23

A Cross Sectional View of Spatio-Temporal Behavior of Excited Xe Atoms in a Discharge Cell of AC-Type PDP
F. Katafuchi, K. Tachibana, T. Sakai* (Kyoto Univ., Japan, *Display Res. Labs., Japan)

PHp - 1

Blue Emitting BaAl2S4: Eu TFEL Device Prepared by Two Targets Pulse Electron Beam Evaporation
M. Kawanishi, N. Miura, H. Matsumoto, R. Nakano (Meiji Univ., Japan)