IDW '10 Best Paper Award Winners


LCT3-1 Energy Efficient LCDs (e2-LCDs) Using Photonic Crystal Structure Based on Cholesteric LC Materials
M. Suzuki, N. Fujiwara (Merck, Japan)
AMD2-4L Dynamic Self-Refreshing Memory-in-Pixel Circuit for Ultra Low Power 302 ppi LTPS TFT-LCD
K. Yamashita, M. Shibazaki, H.-Y. Liang*, Y. Matsui, S. Kawata, C.-J. Chang*, M. Yoshiga, N. Sumi, T.-Y. Cheng*, T.-W. Kuo*, E.-L. Deng*, W.-J. Lin* (TPO Displays Japan, Japan, *Chimei-Innolux, Taiwan)
AMD9-2 Amorphous In-Ga-Zn-Oxide TFTs with High Stability Against Bias Temperature Stress
N. Saito, T. Ueda, S. Nakano, Y. Hara, K. Miura, H. Yamaguchi, I. Amemiya, A. Ishida*, Y. Matsuura*, A. Sasaki*, J. Tonotani, M. Ikagawa (Toshiba, Japan, *Toshiba Mobile Display, Japan)
FLX7/FMC6-1 Transparent High Barrier Coating on Flexible Film Substrate by Roll to Roll PECVD System
H. Tamagaki, T. Okimoto, T. Segawa (Kobe Steel, Japan)
PDP5-1L Display and Lifetime Characteristics of AC PDPs with SrO-MgO Double Protecting Layer
K.-W. Whang, H.-W. Cheong, J.-C. Jung, T.-H. Lee, O. Kwon (Seoul Nat. Univ., Korea)
PH3-1 Challenges to Full-Color Quantum Dot Display
B. L. Choi, T.-H. Kim, K.-S. Cho, E. K. Lee, S. J. Lee, J. Chae*, J. W. Kim, D. H. Kim, S. Y. Lee, Y. Kuk*, J. M. Kim (Samsung Elect., Korea, *Seoul Nat. Univ., Korea)
OLED5-1 Surface-Light-Emitting Transistors Based on Vertical-Type Metal-Base Organic Transistors
K. Nakayama, Y.-J. Pu, J. Kido (Yamagata Univ., Japan)
3D2-4 Moiré Pattern Reduction by Using Special Designed Parallax Barrier in an Autostereoscopic Display
W.-T. Yen, C.-L. Wu, C.-L. Wu, C.-H. Tsai, C.-J. Chou (ITRI, Taiwan)
VHF8/3D4-1 Safety in 3D Broadcast, and Study in 3D Channel Starting Service
Y. Imai, K. Imanishi, T. Okunaga (SKY Perfect JSAT, Japan)
PRJ3-1 1 mm x 7 mm Full-Color Pico Projector Using Scanning Optical Fiber
B. T. Schowengerdt, R. S. Johnston, C. M. Lee, C. D. Melville, E. J. Seibel (Univ. of Washington, USA)
EP7-2 Electrofluidic Displays – First Prototypes, A New Bistable Architecture, and 'Perfect' Segmented Electronic Paper
J. Heikenfeld*'**, S. Yang*, E. Kreit*, M. Hagedon*, K. Dean**, K. Zhou**, S. Smith**, B. Brollier**, J. Rudolph** (*Univ. of Cincinnati, USA, **Gamma Dynamics, USA)
MEET1-3 Enhanced Electron Emission Property of Carbon Nanotube Grown with High Temperature
A. N. Ha, J. H. Ryu, H. M. Oh, N. Y. Bae, E. H. Lee, W. M. Bae, J. Jang, K. C. Park (Kyung Hee Univ., Korea)
DES5-4 Key Feature Highlighting: A High Ambient Display and Extreme Display Power Reduction Technology
X. Xu, L. Kerofsky (Sharp Labs. of America, USA)
FLX6-2 High Performance Organic Semiconductors with High Field-Effect Mobilities and Low Contact Resistances for Flexible Displays
K. Terai, E. Kawashima, N. Kurihara, H. Nagashima, H. Kondo, M. Saito, H. Nakamura (Idemitsu Kosan, Japan)
INP1-4 In-Cell Capacitive Type Touch Sensor Using LTPS TFT-LCD Technology
T. Nakamura, S. Tomita (Toshiba Mobile Display, Japan)



IDW '10 Outstanding Poster Paper Award Winners


LCTp1-4 Synthesized Novel Dendritic Molecules and Broadening of Temperature Range in Liquid Crystalline Blue Phases
S. Shibayama, H. Higuchi, H. Kikuchi (Kyushu Univ., Japan)
LCTp1-6 Direct Observation of Polymer Network Structure on Polymer Stabilized Blue Phase
M. Kwak, H. Kwon, D. Han, J. Jeon, J. Park, S. Choi, Y. Choi, D. Koo (LG Display, Korea)
LCTp2-7 LC Alignment on Micrograting Structures Photofabricated from Photo-Polymerizable LCs
A. Tsuno, H. Yoshida, H. Kubo, A. Fujii, M. Ozaki (Osaka Univ., Japan)
LCTp2-9L Alignment of Liquid Crystal on Ion Beam Treated ITO Surface Directly without PI Coating
S. Hwang, J. H. Lee, H. K. Shin, T.-H. Yoon, J. C. Kim (Pusan Nat. Univ., Korea)
LCTp3-7 Determination of Polar Anchoring Energy Based on SOITE Method by Combining a Voltage Correction
K. Tachibana, K. Goda, Y. Kaneko*, M. Inoue*, M. Kimura, T. Akahane (Nagaoka Univ. of Tech., Japan, *Toyo, Japan)
LCTp4-6 47-in. Full HD Transparent Display without Polarizer Using S-IPS Mode LCD Panel
S. H. Park, E. D. Kim, J. S. Park, J. K. Kang, K. H. Lee, M. C. Jun, I. J. Jung (LG Display, Korea)
AMDp-3 A Novel Depletion Mode IGZO TFT Gate Driver Embedded with a Level Shifter
B. Kim*'**, S. B. Ryu**, S. C. Choi**, S.-H. Choi**, Y. H. Jang**, K.-S. Park**, C.-D. Kim**, Y.-K. Hwang**, I.-J. Chung**, M.-K. Han* (*Seoul Nat. Univ., Korea, **LG Display, Korea)
AMDp-30 Effects of Additive Elements on TFT Characteristics in Amorphous IGZO Films under Light Illumination Stress
S. Morita, S. Yasuno, A. Miki, T. Kugimiya (Kobe Steel, Japan)
AMDp-36L Evaluation of Hall Effect in Micro Poly-Si Hall Devices to Analyze Electron Transport in Poly-Si Films
H. Hashimoto*, Y. Yamaguchi*, M. Hirako*, T. Yamaoka*, M. Kimura*'**'*** (*Ryukoku Univ., Japan, **Joint Res. Ctr. for S&T, Japan, ***Innovative Materials & Processing Res. Ctr., Japan)
AMDp-46L Lateral Large-Grained Low-Temperature Poly-Si1-xGex TFTs on Glass Substrate
Y. Okabe, K. Kondo, K. Hirose*, J. Suzuki*, K. Kitahara*, A. Hara (Tohoku Gakuin Univ., Japan, *Shimane Univ., Japan)
AMDp-47L Solution Process for Metal Oxide Thin Film Transistors under 350oC Post-Annealing
W. H. Jeong, J. H. Bae, K. M. Kim, D. L. Kim, Y. S. Kim, S. J. Kim, H. J. Kim, M.-K. Ryu*, K.-B. Park*, J.-B. Seon*, S.-Y. Lee* (Yonsei Univ., Korea, *Samsung Advanced Inst. of Tech., Korea)
FMCp-8 Properties of Transparent Conducting IZTO Electrode Deposited at Room Temperature
Y. D. Ko, J. Y. Kim, H. C. Joung, D. J. Son*, D. G. Jung*, B. H. Choi**, Y. S. Kim*** (Samsung Mobile Display, Korea, *Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea, **Korea Inst. of Ceramic Eng. & Tech., Korea, ***Seoul Nat. Univ. of Tech., Korea)
FMCp-10 Effects of Superimposing RF Power on the Preparation of Impurity-Doped ZnO Transparent Electrodes by DC Magnetron Sputtering
J. Nomoto, T. Hirano, T. Miyata, T. Minami (Kanazawa Inst. of Tech., Japan)
FMCp-28L Display Performance of PSVA-LCD Using Reactive Mesogen Monomer Induced Alkyl Spacer
R. Kawakami, S. Niiyama, Y. Nakagawa*, Y. Soda* (Asahi Glass, Japan, *Optrex, Japan)
FMCp-34L Low-Hydrogen-Content Transparent SiNx Film Prepared at Low-Temperature by Surface-Wave-Plasma CVD
S. Ueno, M. Yomogida*, M. Suzuki, Y. Konishi, K. Azuma (Shimadzu, Japan, *Shimadzu Emit, Japan)
PDPp-1 Characterization of Protective Layer Materials for PDPs by the EUPS Observation
T. Nakayama*, M. Terauchi*'**, K. Yoshino*'**, T. Tsujita*'**, M. Nishitani*'**, T. Ishituka***, T. Tomie***, Y. Morita*'** (*Panasonic, Japan, **Osaka Univ., Japan, ***AIST, Japan)
PHp-1 Structural and Luminescent Properties of Y6+x/3Si11-yAlyN20+x-yO1-x+y:Ce3+ Phosphors
W. B. Park, S. P. Singh, K.-S. Sohn (Sunchon Nat. Univ., Korea)
PHp-7 Growth of Silicate Phosphors from the Vapor Phase
T. Ishigaki, K. Toda, T. Sakamoto, K. Umeatsu, M. Sato (Niigata Univ., Japan)
PHp-30L Eu, Mn Coactivated Calcium Silicate Phosphors for Near-UV Excitation Synthesized by Microreaction Method
H. Okura*'**, T. Murakawa**, Y. Miyamoto**, K. Ohmi** (*Merck, Japan, **Tottori Univ., Japan)
OLEDp-7 Properties of Organic Light Emitting Diodes with Very Thin MoO3 Layer and Characterization of the MoO3 Layer Deposited on ITO Anode
S. Yoshida, M. Kawamura, Y. Abe (Kitami Inst. of Tech., Japan)
OLEDp-15 Fabrication of Thin Film by Plasma Polymerization and Application to Organic Light Emitting Device
S. Ojiro, R. Koyama, S. Hikita, Y. Sato, S. Yoshikado (Doshisha Univ., Japan)
OLEDp-19 Improved Lifetime of Highly Flexible OLEDs Based on Multilayer Transparent Electrodes with Enhanced Barrier Performance
S. Park, K. H. Jung, C. Yun, H. Cho, B.-S. Bae, S. Yoo (KAIST, Korea)
3Dp-2 Perceived Depth Change between Real Objects with Different Visual Acuities of Both Eyes
K. Sadakuni, T. Inoue, H. Yamamoto, S. Suyama (Univ. of Tokushima, Japan)
EPp-2 Realization of Vivid Image Projection in a Bright Room Using Electronic Paper Screen
T. Kinjo, M. Omodani, T. Yoshida* (Tokai Univ., Japan, *Freelance Profession, Japan)
FLXp-7 Colorless Polyimide Substrate for Flexible Display
G. H. Kim, W. J. Lee, J.-Y. Cai*, K.-H. Choi* (ETRI, Korea, *KITECH, Korea)