IDW '20


Message from IDW '20 on COVID-19

First of all, we would like to express our sincere condolences to the families of those who have passed away due to the COVID-19 infection. In addition, we would like to extend our sympathies to the patients currently undergoing treatment and their families, and sincerely thank all the medical workers who treat and care those suffering from the COVID-19 infection throughout the world.

At IDW '20, we are giving top priority to the health and safety of our attendees and related parties with regard to the spread of the COVID-19 infection. IDW '20 has long provided engineers/researchers with a conference for presentations and discussions for the development of display technology. In the future, we will continue with these efforts for as long as display technology is needed. In order to overcome COVID-19 and achieve further technological development, we would like to continue the workshops this year while giving top priority to the health and safety of presenters, participants and everyone involved.

Currently, IDW '20 expects that the situation will have improved by December, and we are preparing to hold the conference as planned. However, if it is not possible to hold a large-scale conference or if it is difficult for people to participate in person, we are preparing to publish the proceedings as well as provide the presenters/participants with the opportunity to give presentations and questions and answers online. Next information will be announced around the end of June.

In addition, in consideration of the difficult situation in which contributors have been placed so far, we have extended the submission deadline to August 20th in order to secure the requisite time for preparing for submissions. Please prepare your submission and be ready to participate in IDW '20.

We look forward to your continued contributions.


Reiji Hattori IDW 20 General Chair