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The IDW ’19 Exhibition covers materials, components, manufacturing and measuring equipment, software systems and other related products for display devices.

Date & Place

Dates: November 27-29, 2019
Place: Main Hall, Sapporo Convention Center

Exhibition Hours

Wednesday, November 27     12:40-18:00
Thursday, November 28 10:00-18:00
Friday, November 29 10:00-14:00


(as of October 16, 2019)
DELO Industrial Adhesives
Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
Nagase ChemteX Corporation
OXIDE Corporation
Silvaco Japan Co., Ltd.
Toray Research Center, Inc.
Tosoh Corporation
TOYO Corporation
Liquid Crystal Device Lab., Nagaoka Univ. of Tech.
Mutsu Lab., Ryukoku Extension Ctr., Ryukoku Univ.
Dept. of Optical S&T, Fac. of Eng., Tokushima Univ.
Electron Device Eng. Labs., Graduate School of Sci. & Eng., Univ. of Toyama
Yamamoto Lab., Utsunomiya Univ.


Exhibition Contents

DELO Industrial Adhesives
Adhesive for LED Applications: Properties
- Low outgassing <1.0 % of total >
- CTE matching
- No yellowing
- High diversity of substrates (headlamp, tail lamp, interior)
- Fast light fixation and low temperature curing
- Resistance to shock & vibration, temperature & humidity
- Curing solely by light or dual curing (light + heat)

Adhesive for Display Integration: Properties
- Adhesion to various materials
- Fulfils typical automotive requirements (e. g. thermal shock / outgassing)
- Compensation of component tolerances
- Bonding of 3D structures and different layer thicknesses in one component


IDTechEx Research Report - Emerging technologies

IDTechEx has provided independent market research, business intelligence on emerging technologies to clients in over 80 countries and held events.

Reports assess a particular technology, market vertical or territory. They appraise the market opportunity with detailed forecasts and assess the technologies, competitive landscape, value chain drivers, barriers, case studies and global trends. All report purchases include up to 30 minutes telephone time with an expert analyst. IDTechEx provides independent market research and business intelligence to companies across the value chain, supporting them in making essential strategic decisions.

1) Flexible, Printed OLED Displays 2020-2030: Forecasts, Technologies, Players Ten-year forecasts and historic data by area, value and number of OLED displays for glass based, flexible and foldable substrates across eight market segments

2) Quantum Dot Materials and Technologies 2019-2029: Trends, Markets, Players Materials, players and applications such as displays (edge optic, QD enhancement film, color filter, on-chip, emissive), lighting, visible & IR/NIR image sensor, photovoltaics, etc.


Visual Fatigue Reduction 3D Glasses Attained Through Depth-of-Field Extension Designed Lenses

In recent years, stereoscopic displays (3D videos) such as 3D movies, 3D television, stereoscopic endoscopes and VR/AR and the like have become practical, but eye fatigue when watching is the biggest problem. The range of focus widens when looking through visual fatigue reduction 3D glasses attained through depth-of-field extension designed lenses, and eye fatigue is reduced by shortening the discrepancy in position between the focus (adjustment) and line of sight (convergence) which are a cause of fatigue. This product solves the biggest cause blocking the popularization of 3D displays by incorporating lenses that use this technology in 3D glasses that are incorporated in glasses that are used with 3D movies, 3D television, stereoscopic endoscopes, or in head-mount displays for VR/AR such as that used in the medical industry and the game industry. Reduces the load on physicians when conducting stereoscopic endoscope surgery which is being used with greater rates in recent years, and contributes to the development of medical treatments. Further expansion is expected in the content industry and game industry by greatly popularization of 3D videos and 3D games.


FR-pRo: Thin-film thickness measurement system. Measurements of the samples below are very easy, high-speed and highly-accurate: ITO, Resist, Colored resist, Hard coat, AR coat, AG coat, Glass thickness, etc.

EZContrast: Viewing angle measurement system. The EZContrast series have an angle aperture of up to ±88°. They can measure luminance and color in less than 30 seconds or spectral data in 5 minutes, all angles at once.

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation

Flexible/foldable displays are expected to be on the market in 2019 and will increase their ratio gradually. Displays consist of many functional layers where polymer-based films are commonly used. The shift from conventional“rigid" displays to flexible/foldable displays means not only the simple change of display design but also major changes in the requirements in the various properties of each film component, especially the increase of tolerance against folding.

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) now offers three novel types of polymer-based films: polyimide, epoxy and polyester films, which have unique properties that conventional polymer based films do not show. MCC developed these films in combination with its strong capabilities in the design of chemical materials, wide varieties of polymer libraries, and proven film processing technology.

In this exhibition, MCC will introduce five grades of film samples by three types of polymers, with presentations of each property and examples of possible applications.

Nagase ChemteX Corporation

Denatorn is a conductive coating material mainly composed of PEDOT/PSS that can provide a coating with high conductivity and high transparency.

Denatron Type-C is a conductive coating expected to be used in applications where durability is required, with CNT as its main raw material.


New product: Sales launched of LMK6 video photometer developed by TechnoTeam in Germany

The LMK6 is a European-standard imaging light and color measuring system equipped with a 12 megapixel CMOS image sensor. A large selection of high-quality interchangeable lenses and all glass color filters to adapt the system to the V(λ)-function or the 2° CIE standard observer allows more accurate luminance/chromaticity distribution measurement.

By combining special imaging systems, the following analysis technologies are offered in display manufacturing management and the R&D sector.
- LMK BlackMURA: Evaluation of uniformity of the display screen
- LMK Position: Vision based robotic for automated alignment
- LMK Sticking Image: Evaluation of the display burn-in
- LMK CCM: Evaluation of angular contrast of the display screen
- Near Eye Display Measurement: Evaluation of modern Near Eye Displays
* TechnoTeam is “Silver Supportive Member” of the CIE.


• Chromaticity and thin-film measurements are possible in real-time on the color-filter manufacturing line. Moreover, our system can be incorporated into our customers’ line systems, enabling space-conservation and highly efficient measurements.

• Used for final evaluations of OLED displays
Dual use with an RGB camera enables high-level brightness, chromaticity, and gradation measurements by implementing real-time corrections using a highly precise spectral luminance meter Used for in-plane uniformity evaluations of brightness and colors

• Enables high-speed, and simple measurements of light-emitting bodies such as micro LEDs

OXIDE Corporation
-Phosphor light source (NEW) and phosphor characteristics evaluation system
A blue laser diode driven phosphor light source and a phosphor evaluation system have become available. The system can be customized to meet the requests of customers. Please feel free to contact us.

-Speckle contrast and color speckle measurement system
Speckle contrast has a significant impact on the quality of laser displays. The system exhibited here is the only one compliant with International Standard IEC 62906-5-2 (a measuring method). Now a color speckle measuring function compliant with IEC 62906-5-4 (optical measuring method of colour speckle) is also available.

LCOS Master is a modeling software that successively performs LC molecular orientation to diffractive calculation. 3-D Terahertz phase shifter design software is also now available.

Silvaco Japan Co., Ltd.

Silvaco provides the Technology Computer-Aided Design (TCAD) tools, VICTORY PROCESS and VICTORY DEVICE, for the R&D of display devices, such as TFTs and OLEDs. VICTORY PROCESS is a process simulator for 2D/3D structures and makes device structures through calculations based on physical models of fabrication processes. It can simulate structure deformation and stress effects for flexible devices. VICTORY DEVICE is a device simulator for 2D/3D devices and describes electrical, optical, and thermal characteristics and novel structure effects of the device, by solving basic semiconductor equations for well-defined structure with proper models reflecting properties of organic and inorganic semiconductors. VICTORYs can help users to obtain a better understanding of device properties and behavior and develop new devices efficiently with less real experiments. Silvaco also provides EDA tools for FPD design, such as SPICE modeling, circuit simulation, layout design and verification, and RC extraction, and offers useful IP cores for ASIC and ASSP. Please visit our booth!!
To satisfy the demand for color gamut and contrast expansion, OLED and μLED will become mainstream. However, luminance, and chromaticity, uniformity, and Mura are inevitable phenomena for self-emitting RGB. Our world-first, absolute 2D spectroradiometer SR-5000 is the perfect tool for Mura analysis and material development for OLED and μLED. SR-5000HM is designed especially for sub-pixel inspection. This microscope-equipped model enables fulfillment of even 2 μm-level, sub-pixel Mura analysis for micro spectroscopy. Furthermore, the SR-5000HM w/zoom lens expands the field of view for manufacturing in-line inspections. See the demonstration of the tool details with µLED sample at our exhibition booth.
Toray Research Center, Inc.
Toray Group provides a wide variety of cutting-edge materials and analytical services for the display components of TFT, LCD, LED and OLEDs. In particular, Toray Research Center, Inc. (TRC), one of the affiliated companies of Toray, specializes in analytical services that can solve the problems in manufacturing processes and improve materials to realize next generation displays. TRC has 40 years of experience serving the world's top R&D/manufacturing companies in a variety of industrial fields. TRC can provide physical property measurements, composition analysis, structural analysis, organic/inorganic analysis, morphological analysis, reverse engineering, and so on. TRC will exhibit how its degradation material analysis can work for you.
Tosoh Corporation
We exhibit novel sputtering targets for transparent conductive films, such as: 1) higher transmittance at the infrared region, 2) lower absorption at visible light and 3) crystallization at low temperature (100°C).
TOYO Corporation

The LT1000 is an ion impurity analyzer that detects both organic and inorganic ion impurity with extremely high sensitivity. It can detect even the most minute (in the parts per trillion (ppt) range) of ion concentrations in a substance. With more sensitivity and greater accuracy, there is less concern about getting a sub-optimal reading and more focus on achieving the optimal result. The high resolution and accuracy provide an ability for lab engineers and technicians to detect impurities in test materials that is unmatched in the industry.

Compared with other products in a similar class, the LT1000 can perform and complete a full test cycle in a second compared to conventional ion chromatography methods, which can take upwards of one hour. This is more than 3,600 times faster, allowing for a substantially larger number of tests to be performed over a given period of time. This accelerates lab analysis and helps shorten project development lead times.