IDW '17

Topical Session on User Experience and Cognitive Engineering


date time session   room
Wed., Dec. 6 13:10-13:20   Opening Shirakashi Conference Room
13:20-14:45 VHF1/UXC1 Human Factors
14:50-16:20 UXC2/VHF2 Education and Reading
Thu., Dec. 7 9:00-10:05 UXC3/INP3 Interaction for Automotive
Special Topics of Interest on Automotive Displays
Meeting Room 4
10:40-11:45 UXC4 Eye Movement and Advertisement
11:45-11:48   Short Presentation UXCp1:
User Experience and Cognitive Engineering
15:00-18:00 UXCp1 User Experience and Cognitive Engineering Exhibition Hall
Fri., Dec. 8 9:00-10:05 UXC5/EP5 E-book and Education Meeting Room 4
13:50-15:10 INP7/UXC6 Pen and Touch Input Technologies


VHF1/UXC1 : Human Factors

Wed., Dec. 6  13:20-14:45  Shirakashi Conference Room

Chair: Y. Hisatake (Japan Display, Japan)
Co-Chair: Y. Andoh (Fuji Xerox, Japan)

VHF1/UXC1-1 Invited Displays for Reading and Writing: Learning from Cognition on Paper
H. Shibata (Fuji Xerox, Japan)
VHF1/UXC1-2 Visual Resolution Quantization for Sub-Pixel Rendering Design
Y. L. Chen, Y. R. Zhang, Y. B. Yang (Wuhan China Star Optoelect. Tech., China)
VHF1/UXC1-3 Subtle Flickering Polychromatic SSVEP Visual Stimuli for Human-Computer Interaction
Y.-Y. Chien, F.-C. Lin, H. O.-Yang, Y.-C. Chang, J. K. Zao, Y.-P. Huang, H.-P. D. Shieh (Nat. Chiao Tung Univ., Taiwan)
VHF1/UXC1-4 Full-HD Autostereoscopic Display for Myopia Rehabilitation
H. Zhang, K. Li, X. Chen, A. Zhang, Y. Zhou, H. Fan*, J. Wang, J. Zhou (Sun Yat-Sen Univ., China, *Guangzhou Midstereo Tech., China)

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UXC2/VHF2 : Education and Reading

Wed., Dec. 6  14:50-16:20  Shirakashi Conference Room

Chair: E. Amasawa (Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
Co-Chair: Y. Hisatake (Japan Display, Japan)

UXC2/VHF2-1 Invited Tablet Use in Elementary Schools from Ergonomic Aspect
T. Shibata, K. Sato*'**, T. Horita** (Tokyo Univ. of Social Welfare, Japan, *Tokoha Univ., Japan, **Tohoku Univ., Japan)
UXC2/VHF2-2 Invited A Development of Universal Design Font and Evaluation of Legibility on Display
H. Yaguchi (Tokyo Denki Univ., Japan)
UXC2/VHF2-3 Relationships Between Reading Speed and Eye Movement Parameters
J. Kobayashi*'**, T. Kawashima** (*Dai Nippon Printing, Japan, **Future Univ. Hakodate, Japan)
UXC2/VHF2-4 Preferred LDR to HDR Image Conversion for HDR Displays
Y.-Z. Lai, P.-L. Sun (Nat. Taiwan Univ. of S&T, Taiwan)

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UXC3/INP3 : Interaction for Automotive
Special Topics of Interest on Automotive Displays

Thu., Dec. 7  9:00-10:05  Meeting Room 4

Chair: H. Shibata (Fuji Xerox, Japan)
Co-Chair: F. Gotoh (Japan Display, Japan)

UXC3/INP3-1 Invited Lateral Force Produces Geometry and Texture Information on Touchscreen
S. Saga (Univ. of Tsukuba, Japan)
UXC3/INP3-2 Position Tracking Based on Reallocation Resampling Particle Filter Algorithm on Capacitive Touch Panels
T.-C. Chu, C.-Y. Chuang, W.-C. Chiu, C.-L. Lin (Nat. Cheng Kung Univ., Taiwan)
UXC3/INP3-3 Automotive Tablet Display with In-Cell Touch Panel for Auto after Market
Y.-C. Li, D.-W. Ku, C.-Y. Hsu, H.-H. Chen, H.-M. Su, W.-T. Tseng (Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Taiwan)

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UXC4 : Eye Movement and Advertisement

Thu., Dec. 7  10:40-11:45  Meeting Room 4

Chair: H. Shibata (Fuji Xerox, Japan)
Co-Chair: M. Mori (Hosei Univ., Japan)

UXC4-1 Invited Decoding the Implicit Mind from Fixational Eye Movements
M. Yoneya*'**, H.-I. Liao*, M. Kashino*'**, S. Furukawa* (*NTT, Japan, **Tokyo Tech, Japan)
UXC4-2 The Influence of Text and Images on Fixation in Flyers
Y. Andoh*'**, T. Fujinami*, A. Tera* (*JAIST, Japan, **Fuji Xerox, Japan)
UXC4-3 An Analysis of the Eye-Tracking-Data During Seeing Favorite Paintings
A. Tera, T. Fujinami, Y. Andoh (JAIST, Japan)

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UXC5/EP5 : E-book and Education

Fri., Dec. 8  9:00-10:05  Meeting Room 4

Chair: M. Mori (Hosei Univ., Japan)
Co-Chair: K. Hashimoto (E Ink Japan, Japan)

UXC5/EP5-1 Invited Visual Awareness Performance in Reading Texts on Paper versus Tablet among Indonesian Elementary School Children
S. D. Mardiyani, N. Higuchi, T. Enomae (Univ. of Tsukuba, Japan)
UXC5/EP5-2 Invited Are E-Books Actually Green? The Role of E-Reader in Changing Reading Patterns and Environmental Impact in Book Reading Activities
E. Amasawa*, T. Ihara*, K. Hanaki*'** (*Univ. of Tokyo, Japan, **Toyo Univ., Japan)
UXC5/EP5-3L Invited Cognitive Load of Handwriting and Typing: The Impact for Memorization in a Dual Task Method
H. Shibata, K. Omura (Fuji Xerox, Japan)

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INP7/UXC6 : Pen and Touch Input Technologies

Fri., Dec. 8  13:50-15:10  Meeting Room 4

Chair: N. Hashimoto (Citizen Watch, Japan)
Co-Chair: H. Shibata (Fuji Xerox, Japan)

INP7/UXC6-1 Invited New In-Cell Capacitive Touch Panel with Fine Pitch Sensor for Narrow Passive Stylus and New User Interface
F. Gotoh, H. Mizuhashi, H. Kurasawa, Y. Kida, Y. Nakajima (Japan Display, Japan)
INP7/UXC6-2 Drawing in Talking: Using Pen and Voice for Drawing System Configuration Figures in Talking
X. Xu, J. Liao, H. Shibata (Fuji Xerox, Japan)
INP7/UXC6-3 Invited The Effect of Edge Targets on Crossing-Based Selection with Direct Touch Input
K. Go, Y. Kagawa, Y. Kinoshita (Univ. of Yamanashi, Japan)
INP7/UXC6-4 Multi-Mouse Puzzle, an SDG-Based Puzzle Application for Collaborative Learning
L. Luo, S. Orio*, M. Mori**, H. Kita (Kyoto Univ., Japan, *Infourt, Japan, **Hosei Univ., Japan)

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Poster UXCp1 : User Experience and Cognitive Engineering

Thu., Dec. 7  15:00-18:00  Exhibition Hall

UXCp1-1 A Framework to Support Knowledge Work in a Virtual Space
H. Sasaki, H. Shibata, N. Hiji (Fuji Xerox, Japan)
UXCp1-2 High Quality Sleep by VR Goggle in an Air Pillow and a Smart Trip Line-Bot
T. Miyachi, Y. Gonda, W. Sinki (Tokai Univ., Japan)
UXCp1-3 Detail Retina Cells Model and Array Receiver Algorithms for Sensing Qualities
C.-J. Ou, C.-R. Ho*, R.-Y. Lan*, M.-Y. Huang, F.-R. Lin, C. H. Ou**, H.-Y. Sun*** (Hsiuping Univ. of S&T, Taiwan, *Feng Chia Univ., Taiwan, **Dong-Shan High School, Taiwan, ***Chung Shan Medical Univ., Taiwan)

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