IDW '17

Workshop on LC Science and Technologies


date time session   room
Wed., Dec. 6 14:50-16:25 FLX2/LCT1 Advanced LC Technologies for Flexible Devices Hagi Conference Hall
Thu., Dec. 7 9:00-10:25 LCT2 High Image Quality LCDs Shirakashi Conference Room
10:40-12:20 LCT3/DES3 HMD Applications
Special Topics of Interest on AR/VR and Hyper Reality
13:10-14:10 LCT4 High Reliability
15:00-18:00 LCTp1 LC Lens Exhibition Hall
15:00-18:00 LCTp2 Emerging Technologies
15:00-18:00 LCTp3 New LC Applications
Fri., Dec. 8 9:00-10:20 LCT5 LC Alignment Technology (1) Shirakashi Conference Room
10:40-12:00 LCT6 LC Alignment Technology (2)
13:50-15:10 LCT7 Transparent LCDs
15:30-16:50 LCT8 Emerging Technologies

FLX2/LCT1 : Advanced LC Technologies for Flexible Devices

Wed., Dec. 6  14:50-16:25  Hagi Conference Hall

Chair: K. Akamatsu (Fujifilm, Japan)
Co-Chair: H. Okada (Univ. of Toyama, Japan)

FLX2/LCT1-1 Invited Curved LCD and Future Application
W. M. Huang, C.-T. Chen (AU Optronics, Taiwan)
FLX2/LCT1-2 Invited Organic LCD: Large Area, Low Cost, High Performance LCDs on Plastic
P. A. Cain, J. Harding, M. Banach (FlexEnable, UK)
FLX2/LCT1-3 Invited High Quality Organic Thin Film Transistors Fabricated with LC Organic-Semiconductors
H. Iino, J. Hanna (Tokyo Tech, Japan)
FLX2/LCT1-4 Anisotropic Electrical Conductivity of Nanosegregated LC Thin Films of Polymerizable Perylene Bisimide Bearing a Triethylene Oxide Chain and Cyclotetrasiloxane Rings
M. Funahashi, A. Seki (Kagawa Univ., Japan)

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LCT2 : High Image Quality LCDs

Thu., Dec. 7  9:00-10:25  Shirakashi Conference Room

Chair: M. Inoue (Toyo, Japan)
Co-Chair: S. Oka (Japan Display, Japan)

LCT2-1 Invited Reinvention of an IPS-LCD Technology Enabling Extremely High Contrast Ratio of 1 Million to 1
Y. Yasui, T. Imaoku, D. Fuse, T. Fukami, T. Hasebe, I. Mori, T. Kodo, K.Tsuda, K. Kikuchi, M. Ishii (Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display, Japan)
LCT2-2 Withdrawn
LCT2-3 High Contrast Ratio 2000:1 Solution for Fringe Field Switching LCD without Content Adaptive Backlight Control and Backlight Local Dimming
J. Chen, Y. Ma, L. Fang, B. Zheng, L. Wu, A. Ling, P. Shen, J. Li, C. Tseng (Xiamen Tianma Microelect., China)
LCT2-4 Study on Minimizing Flicker Shift Phenomenon in Positive LC FFS Mode LCD Panel by Optimized Pixel Design
K.-T. Huang, Y.-W. Hung, R.-X. Fang, Y.-T. Chao, C. Lee, S.-C. Lin, C.-H. Yu, C. Kao, T.-S. Jen (HannStar Display, Taiwan)
LCT2-5L Flexible Colorful Reflective Display by Using Proprietary Surface Anchoring LC Technology
C.-H. Chen, S.-H. Wu, J.-T. Lien (Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Taiwan)

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LCT3/DES3 : HMD Applications
Special Topics of Interest on AR/VR and Hyper Reality

Thu., Dec. 7  10:40-12:20  Shirakashi Conference Room

Chair: H. Okada (Univ. of Toyama, Japan)
Co-Chair: R. Oke (Panasonic Liquid Crystal Display, Japan)

LCT3/DES3-1 Invited The Optimal Fast Response LCD for VR-HMD
T. Matsushima, K. Seki, S. Kimura, Y. Iwakabe, T. Yata, Y. Watanabe, S. Komura (Japan Display, Japan)
LCT3/DES3-2 Invited Evaluation of Moving Picture Quality on LCD Device for Head-Mounted Display
M. Kobayashi, T. Miura, N. Yamaguchi, M. Yashiki, T. Masuda, T. Katayama, S. Higashida, K. Hanaoka, H. Yoshida, S. Shimada (Sharp, Japan)
LCT3/DES3-3 Invited Near Eye Application Based on Digital Electro-Optics Platform (X-on-Silicon)
C.-W. Tsai, F. Lin, C. Wang (Jasper Display, Taiwan)
LCT3/DES3-4 Invited Head Mounted Display Implementations for Use in Industrial Augmented and Virtual Reality Applications
T. Fukuda*, J. Orlosky*'**, T. Kinoshita* (*Westunitis, Japan, **Osaka Univ., Japan)

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LCT4 : High Reliability

Thu., Dec. 7  13:10-14:10  Shirakashi Conference Room

Chair: M. Suzuki (Merck PM, Japan)
Co-Chair: S. Shibahara (Sony, Japan)

LCT4-1 Analysis of FFS LCD Abnormal Images at Low Gray
Y. Q. Xu, S. N. Zhang, X. Huang, W. Quan, F. Li (InfoVision Optoelect., China)
LCT4-2 A Compensation of Vcom Adjustment in Fringe Field Switching LCDs by Considering the Flexoelectric Effect
J.-C. Ke, T.-C. Chung, C.-T. Liao, C.-M. Yu, Y. Qiao (InfoVision Optoelect., China)
LCT4-3 Advance FSA (UV Curing Like) Process Technology to Improve Broken Spot for G8.6 TFT-LCDs
Y. Yao, J. Chou, J. Hsu, W. York (Chongqing HKC Optoelect. Tech., China)

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LCT5 : LC Alignment Technology (1)

Fri., Dec. 8  9:00-10:20  Shirakashi Conference Room

Chair: S. Ishihara (Osaka Inst. of Tech., Japan)
Co-Chair: K. Miyachi (JSR, Japan)

LCT5-1 Invited Homogeneous Self-Alignment Technology without Using Conventional Alignment Layer Materials
M. Mizusaki, H. Tsuchiya, K. Minoura (Sharp, Japan)
LCT5-2 Development of Self-Alignment LC Mixture for Vertical Alignment Mode without Polyimide Alignment Layer
H. Endo, Y. Katano, F. Kondo, K. Ogita, H. Tanaka, M. Yano (JNC Petrochem., Japan)
LCT5-3 A Novel Reversed Scattering Mode Using Polymer Stabilized Ferroelectric LC
Y. Kudoh, D. Yoshii, R. Suzuki, T. Takahashi (Kogakuin Univ., Japan)
LCT5-4L Electrically-Switchable Liquid Crystal Phase Grating Device for Window Display Applications
T.-H. Choi, J.-H. Woo, B.-G. Jeon, T.-H. Yoon (Pusan Nat. Univ., Korea)

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LCT6 : LC Alignment Technology (2)

Fri., Dec. 8  10:40-12:00  Shirakashi Conference Room

Chair: M. Suzuki (Merck PM, Japan)
Co-Chair: Y. Iwashita (DIC, Japan)

LCT6-1 Invited Novel Photo-Alignment Materials for High Transmittance Ultra-High Definition VA LCDs
M. Koechlin, Y. Yamada, Q. Tang, Y. Yamamoto* (Rolic Techs., Switzerland, *V-Tech., Japan)
LCT6-2 Novel E-O Properties in Nano-Phase-Separated LCs
T. Fujisawa, K. Jang, H. Hasebe, H. Takatsu (DIC, Japan)
LCT6-3 Homogeneous-Twisted Nematic Transition Mode LCD by Out-of-Plane Field
R. Yamaguchi, Y. Sakamoto (Akita Univ., Japan)
LCT6-4L Fast Switching of a Vertical Alignment LC Cell by Two-Dimensional Confinement with Virtual Walls
B.-G. Jeon, T.-H. Choi, J.-H. Woo, Y. Choi, T.-H. Yoon (Pusan Nat. Univ., Korea)

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LCT7 : Transparent LCDs

Fri., Dec. 8  13:50-15:10  Shirakashi Conference Room

Chair: T. Ishinabe (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
Co-Chair: T. Nose (Akita Pref. Univ., Japan)

LCT7-1 Invited Highly Transparent Color LCD by Using Scattering LCD Mode, Direct Edge Light and Field Sequential Color Driving Method
K. Okuyama, T. Nakahara, Y. Numata, T. Nakamura (Japan Display, Japan)
LCT7-2 A Hybridized Scattering-Type LCD with Concurrent Use of UV Curable Silica Nanoparticles and UV Curable Monomers
E. Fukuda, M. Akimoto, H. Morita, S. Kobayashi (Tokyo Univ. of Sci., Yamaguchi, Japan)
LCT7-3 17-in. High Quality Transparent Display Using by Polymer-Dispersed LC
S.-H. Wu, C.-H. Chen, J.-T. Lian (Chunghwa Picture Tubes, Taiwan)
LCT7-4L Development of Transparent Emissive LCD Using Novel Polarized Light-Emitting Film
N. Mochizuki, R. Morita (Nippon Kayaku, Japan)

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LCT8 : Emerging Technologies

Fri., Dec. 8  15:30-16:50  Shirakashi Conference Room

Chair: Y. Iwashita (DIC, Japan)
Co-Chair: T. Takahashi (Kogakuin Univ., Japan)

LCT8-1 Invited A Highly Polar LC Material
H. Nishikawa, K. Shiroshita, H. Higuchi, Y. Okumura, Y. Haseba*, S. Yamamoto*, K. Sago*, H. Kikuchi (Kyushu Univ., Japan, *JNC Petrochem., Japan)
LCT8-2 Image Evaluation of Large Aperture LC Fresnel Lens
G. Shibuya, H. Abe, A. Tamaki, S. Yamano, H. Yoshida, M. Ozaki (Osaka Univ., Japan)
LCT8-3 The Optical Properties of Viewing Angle Controllable LCD
M. Q. Zhu, S. N. Zhang, X. Huang, P. Liao, S. Chung, B. C. Jia (InfoVision Optoelect., China)
LCT8-4L Optical Homogeneous Effects in Nanoprticle-Embedded Liquid Crystal Devices
S. Kobayashi, Y. Shiraishi, H. Furue*, K. Takeishi**, H. Takatsu**, K.-H. Chang***, L.-C. Chien*** (Tokyo Univ. of Sci., Yamaguchi, Japan, *Tokyo Univ. of Sci., Japan, **DIC, Japan, ***Kent State Univ., USA)

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Poster LCTp1 : LC Lens

Thu., Dec. 7  15:00-18:00  Exhibition Hall

LCTp1-1 Accumulation of Nematic Colloids at the Interfaces in Azo-Dye-Doped LCs
A. Y.-G. Fuh, T.-W. Chang, Y.-I. Lee, S.-T. Wu (Nat. Cheng Kung Univ., Taiwan)
LCTp1-2 Polarization Independent LC Lens with Bi-Focus Switching Mode for Wearable Display Applications
C.-W. Chien, C.-Y. Chien, C.-H. Li, C.-R. Sheu (Nat. Cheng Kung Univ., Taiwan)
LCTp1-3 Fabrications of Polarization Independent LC Lens Arrays for Autostereoscopy Applications
T.-H. Kao, Y.-H. Hsu, C.-R. Sheu (Nat. Cheng Kung Univ., Taiwan)
LCTp1-4 Using Holographic Exposure Processes to Realize Polymer Stabilized LC Microlens Arrays with Fast Switching Focuses
I.-L. Huang, C.-Y. Chien, C.-R. Sheu (Nat. Cheng Kung Univ., Taiwan)
LCTp1-5 Electrically Tunable LC Lens with Characteristic of Fast-Switching Bi-Focuses for Enhancing Depth-of-Field
C.-Y. Chien, C.-H. Li, C.-W. Chien, C.-R. Sheu (Nat. Cheng Kung Univ., Taiwan)

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Poster LCTp2 : Emerging Technologies

Thu., Dec. 7  15:00-18:00  Exhibition Hall

LCTp2-1 The Transflective Properties Improvement of Dual-Cell-Gap ECB LCD
C. Wang, T. T. Wu, J. Chen, K. R. Xi, M. Xie, X. H. Li, Y. Z. Sun, J. B. Zhou, X. J. Kong, J. E. Liu, F. Qin (Tianma Micro-elect., China)
LCTp2-2 Reflective-Emissive Dual Mode Display with Color PDLC Layer
G. H. Kim, W. J. Lee, S. Kim, Y. H. Kim, C. S. Hwang (ETRI, Korea)
LCTp2-3 Video-Rate Holographic Display in ZnSe Layer-Assisted Quantum Dot Doped LC with High-Photorefractive Sensitivity
X. Li, W. Liu, J. Cao, Z. Song, F. Li, X. Dong, X. Zhang (Hisense, China)
LCTp2-4 Withdrawn
LCTp2-5L Bistable Light Shutter Using Ion-Doped Cholesteric LCs
Y.-S. Jo, J.-H. Kim, J.-W. Huh, S.-W. Oh, S.-M. Ji, T.-H. Yoon (Pusan Nat. Univ., Korea)
LCTp2-6L Development of Photochromic Guest-Host LC Device Driven by UV Irradiation and Electric Field
K. Goda, Y. Suematsu, K. Takatoh (Tokyo Univ. of Sci., Yamaguchi, Japan)
LCTp2-7L Thermoresponsive Light Scattering Device Using Ionic Liquid-Water Mixture Exhibiting LCST-Type Phase Behavior
K. Goda, K. Takatoh, Y. Funasako (Tokyo Univ. of Sci., Yamaguchi, Japan)
LCTp2-8L Narrow-Bandpass LC Filter for Real-Time Multi Spectral Imaging Systems
K. Terashima, T. Ishinabe, K. Wako*, Y. Fujihara, Y. Aoyagi, M. Murata, S. Nasuno, S. Wakashima, R. Kuroda, Y. Shibata, S. Sugawa, H. Fujikake (Tohoku Univ., Japan, *Nat. Inst. of Tech., Sendai College, Japan)
LCTp2-9L Study on PDLC Like LC Cell by Using Porous PMMA Spray Film for Millimeter-Wave Application
Y. Watanebe, A. Kon, R. Ito, M. Honma, T. Nose (Akita Pref. Univ., Japan)
LCTp2-10L Basic Performance of LC Millimeter-Wave Phase Shifter by Using Microstrip Line
K. Iiyama, R. Ito, M. Honma, T. Nose (Akita Pref. Univ., Japan)
LCTp2-11L LC Devices Having the V-Groove Structure by Nano-Imprint Lithography
K. Haruna, H. Okada (Univ. of Toyama, Japan)
LCTp2-12L Nematic LC Alignment and Anchoring Properties on Rubbed Poly (4-vinylpyridine) Surface
K. Kudo, R. Yamaguchi (Akita Univ., Japan)
LCTp2-13L Development of 2.9-in. 132x64 Transparent Film Displays Based on Cholesteric LC
E.-J. Kim*, D.-S. Yoon*'**, H.-S. Yang*, S.-J. Lee*, S.-B. Kwon*'** (*Hoseo Univ., Korea, **NDIS, Korea)
LCTp2-14L Electro-Optical Characteristics of Dye-Doped LC Gel Films for Stretchable Displays
R. Saito, Y. Shibata, T. Ishinabe, H. Fujikake (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
LCTp2-15L Electro-Optical Characteristics of In-Plane Switching LC Devices with Structural Transferred Microgroove and Wall Structure
D. Minami, Y. Shibata, T. Ishinabe, H. Fujikake (Tohoku Univ., Japan)

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Poster LCTp3 : New LC Applications

Thu., Dec. 7  15:00-18:00  Exhibition Hall

LCTp3-1 Withdrawn
LCTp3-2 A Wide-View Angle Design for Vehicle Display Interface with Improving Performance
B. Su, K. Wang, B. Zheng, L. Wu, L. Fang, A. Ling, J. Chen,, P. Shen, J. Li, C. Tseng (Xiamen Tianma Microelect., China)
LCTp3-3 Color Mixing Analysis of Large View Angle in FFS-LCD
L. Huang, L. Jiang, Z. Su (InfoVision Optoelect., China)
LCTp3-4 Study of Isotropic Monomer Dopant to Improve Electro-Optical Performance of Holographic Exposed Polymer Network LC Cells
C.-Y. Lin, C.-Y. Chien, C.-R. Sheu (Nat. Cheng Kung Univ., Taiwan)
LCTp3-5L A Mechanism of Short-Term Image-Sticking Phenomenon Caused by Flexoelectric Effect in IPS LCD
D. Inoue, T. Miyake, M. Sugimoto (Tianma Japan, Japan)
LCTp3-6L Photo-Alignment Control of Lyotropic LC and its Application to Coatable Polarizers
T. Itsukaichi, Y. Iimura (Tokyo Univ. of A&T, Japan)
LCTp3-7L Numerical Analysis in Homogeneous-Twisted Nematic Transition Mode of LC Cell Using Weak and Strong Anchoring Surfaces
Y. Sakamoto, R. Yamaguchi (Akita Univ., Japan)
LCTp3-8L An ECB Mode LC Device Suitable for Low Power Consumption Smart Windows
S.-J. Lee*, D.-S. Yoon*'**, H.-S, Yang*, E.-J. Kim*, S.-B. Kwon*'** (*Hoseo Univ., Korea, **NDIS, Korea)
LCTp3-9L Electro-Optical Properties of a Hybrid Type PDLC with LC Emulsion and Black Dichroic Dye Doped LC Coacervates
H.-S. Yang*, S.-J. Lee*, E.-J. Kim*, D.-S. Yoon*'**, S.-B. Kwon*'** (*Hoseo Univ., Korea, **NDIS, Korea)
LCTp3-10L Novel Alignment Control Method Using Mortar-Shaped Structure for High-Contrast Twisted-VA mode Reflective LCDs
Y. Kuge, Y. Shibata, T. Ishinabe, H. Fujikake (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
LCTp3-11L Formation of Layered Polymer Structure of PDLC by Anisotropically Diffused UV Irradiation
Y. Horii, Y. Shibata, T. Ishinabe, H. Fujikake (Tohoku Univ., Japan)

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