IDW '17

Workshop on FPD Manufacturing, Materials and Components


date time session   room
Wed., Dec. 6 13:10-14:30 FMC1 Manufacturing and Measurement Technologies Sakura Hall 1
14:50-16:05 FMC2 Display Film Technologies
Thu., Dec. 7 9:00-10:20 FMC3 Display Optics for AR/VR
Special Topics of Interest on AR/VR and Hyper Reality
13:10-14:25 FMC4/FLX5 Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing Technologies
15:00-18:00 FMCp2 Aerial Imaging Optics
Special Topics of Interest on AR/VR and Hyper Reality
Exhibition Hall
15:00-18:00 FMCp3 Components for Automotive
Special Topics of Interest on Automotive Displays
Thu., Dec. 7 15:00-18:00 FMCp1 FPD Manufacturing, Materials and Components Meeting Room 3
Fri., Dec. 8 13:50-15:10 FMC5 Electrode Material and Photoresist Technologies
15:30-16:30 FMC6 Glass Material Technologies

FMC1 : Manufacturing and Measurement Technologies

Wed., Dec. 6  13:10-14:30  Sakura Hall 1

Chair: R. Yamaguchi (Akita Univ., Japan)
Co-Chair: T. Nonaka (Merck PM, Japan)

FMC1-1 Invited Micro-Transfer Printing of RGB Light Engines for Emissive Displays
A. J. Trindade, E. Radauscher*, S. Bonafede*, D. Gomez*, T. Moore*, C. Prevatte*, B. Raymond*, A. Fecioru, B. Fisher*, K. Ghosal*, D. Kneeburg*, M. Meitl*, C. Bower* (X-Celeprint, Ireland, *X-Celeprint, USA)
FMC1-2 Contact Resistance Reduction Using Linear Ion Source PVD System in LTPS Backplane
Y.-C. Tsai, P. Kurunczi*, J. Grillmayer, M. Hanika**, J. Olson* (Appl. Materials Taiwan, Taiwan, *Appl. Materials Varian Semiconductor Equipment, USA, **Appl. Materials, Germany)
FMC1-3 Advanced Half-Tone Photolithography Using Four-Mask Technology for G8.6 Large Size TFT-LCDs
A.-T. Cho, J. Hsu, K. Fan, F.-Y. Yang, Y.-Q. Tian, Q.-H. Mo, Z. Liu, F.-X. Long, B.-T. Ge, Y.-J. Hsu, C.-H. Chang, C.-F Chen, W. Chen, Y. Lu (Chongqing HKC Optoelect. Tech., China)
FMC1-4 Optical Measurement Methods for Flexible OLED Elements with Arbitrary Geometric Curvature
K. Käläntär*'**, S. Maeda* (*CEBRA, AIST, Japan, **Global Optical Solutions, Japan)

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FMC2 : Display Film Technologies

Wed., Dec. 6  14:50-16:05  Sakura Hall 1

Chair: I. Amimori (A51Tech, Japan)
Co-Chair: K. Käläntär (Global Optical Solutions, Japan)

FMC2-1 Invited Large Area Interference Lithography and Seamless Patterning Innovations
J. Mick, C. Stöver, V. Boerner, T. Kraus, O. Humbach (temicon, Germany)
FMC2-2 Curable Coating Material Technologies for OLED Display
K. Noda, J. Hikida, Y. Tadokoro, K. Misumi, D. Shiota (Tokyo Ohka Kogyo, Japan)
FMC2-3 Development of Crystalline COP for Optical Film Application
S. Komoto, T. Murakami, K. Yoda, K. Inoue, M. Kikukawa (Zeon, Japan)
FMC2-4 Withdrawn
FMC2-5L Excellent Image Visibility of New Display Using Quantum Dot Color Filter and In-Cell Polarizer under Bright Ambient Light
N. Koma, H. Kato, T. Ishinabe*, H. Fujikake* (Polatechno, Japan, *Tohoku Univ., Japan)

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FMC3 : Display Optics for AR/VR
Special Topics of Interest on AR/VR and Hyper Reality

Thu., Dec. 7  9:00-10:20  Sakura Hall 1

Chair: K. Käläntär (Global Optical Solutions, Japan)
Co-Chair: H. Yamamoto (Utsunomiya Univ., Japan)

FMC3-1 Invited 3D Display for Augmented Reality
B. Lee, S. Lee, J.-Y. Hong, C. Jang (Seoul Nat. Univ., Korea)
FMC3-2 Invited Hologram Synthesis for Near to Eye Displays
J.-H. Park (Inha Univ., Korea)
FMC3-3 Withdrawn
FMC3-4 Optical Design of Directional Projection Screen Using Diverted Corner Cube Array
K. Käläntär*'**, K. Wako*, R. Ohtera*, Y. Ishitaka***, M. Kano***, T. Uchida* (*Nat. Inst. of Tech., Sendai College, Japan, **Global Optical Solutions, Japan, ***Tohoku Univ., Japan)

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FMC4/FLX5 : Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing Technologies

Thu., Dec. 7  13:10-14:25  Sakura Hall 1

Chair: A. Fujita (JNC, Japan)
Co-Chair: Y. Mishima (JAPERA, Japan)

FMC4/FLX5-1 Invited Development of Printed Electronics Device by Nano-Scale Roll to Roll Patterning
T. Tanaka, M. Abe, N. Ito, K. Okuno, T. Hitomi, K. Komatsu, M. Oshikata, M. Ataka*, T. Kishiro*, S. Matsui**, M. Okada** (Asahi Kasei, Japan, *Holon, Japan, **Univ. of Hyogo, Japan)
FMC4/FLX5-2 Flexible Transparent Electrodes for Large-Area Printed Electronics
T. Muto, T. Hara, W. Morita, T. Izumi, K. Nagamoto (Lintec, Japan)
FMC4/FLX5-3 Novel Direct Imaging Exposure System with High Productivity for Flexible Substrate in Roll-to-Roll Method
Y. Kito, M. Hori, Y. Hayashida, T. Suzuki, H. Kajiyama, H. Komiyama, T. Watanabe, T. Shimoyama, T. Kurashige, Y. Ishigaki, S. Nakayama, M. Kato (Nikon, Japan)
FMC4/FLX5-4L Microwave-Assisted Rapid Synthesis of Carbon Nanotubes Covalently Conjugated with Sulfonated Polyaniline for Enhancing Stable Dispersion of Aqueous Conductive Inks
P.-C. Wang, T.-J. Tsai, H.-L. Liao (Nat. Tsing Hua Univ., Taiwan)

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FMC5 : Electrode Material and Photoresist Technologies

Fri., Dec. 8  13:50-15:10  Meeting Room 3

Chair: T. Tomono (Toppan Printing, Japan)
Co-Chair: T. Araki (Osaka Univ., Japan)

FMC5-1 Invited Enhanced Electrical Durability and Mechanical Stretchability of Ag Nanowire-Based Transparent Electrodes by Nanometer-Thick Metal Plating
T. Araki, Y. Noda, A. Takemoto, S. Yoshimoto, T. Uemura, T. Sekitani (Osaka Univ., Japan)
FMC5-2 ITO/Ag Alloy/ITO Structure as Alternative to ITO for Display Electrode
Y. Toshimori, K. Umemoto, Y. Shirai, I. Shiono, S. Zhang, S. Nonaka (Mitsubishi Materials, Japan)
FMC5-3 Identification of Copper Compound Produced in Dry Etching Process under Different Atmosphere and its Removal via a Simple Solution Treatment
Z.-C. Zhou, H. Xia, F. Long, Z.-W. Tan, X.-B. Hu, X.-W. Wei, W.-W. Zhang, J.-H. Chen, L.-Q. Shi, S. Li, S. Chen, J. Li (Shenzhen China Star Optoelect. Tech., China)
FMC5-4 Mechanism of Complex Reliability of Colorant Material for Wide Color Gamut
A. Kim, S. Ji, J. Kwon, B. Ahn, S. Han, M. Kwak, J. Lee, M. Jun, I. Kang (LG Display, Korea)

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FMC6 : Glass Material Technologies

Fri., Dec. 8  15:30-16:30  Meeting Room 3

Chair: Y. Inoue (Corning Japan, Japan)
Co-Chair: K. Tamai (Asahi Glass, Japan)

FMC6-1 Invited Application of Glass in Electronic Displays
K. Hayashi (Asahi Glass, Japan)
FMC6-2 High Bending Strength Chemically Tempered Cover Glasses for Mobile Display Devices
Y. Fujiwara, I. Kashima, N. Uemura (Asahi Glass, Japan)
FMC6-3 Invited Anti-Reflection and Anti-Glare Surface Treatment on Cover Glass for Automotive Interior Applications: Ambient Contrast Consideration
K. Long, T. Ishikawa, C.-C. Li, A. Lesuffleur (Corning, USA)

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Poster FMCp1 : FPD Manufacturing, Materials and Components

Thu., Dec. 7  15:00-18:00  Exhibition Hall

FMCp1-1 Development of Colorants for Wide-Color Gamut Color Filter Photoresist
S.-J. Yang, D. M. Lee, J. H. Park, J. J. Kim (LG Chem, Korea)
FMCp1-2 Withdrawn
FMCp1-3 Dispersion and Optical Properties of QDPR (Quantum Dot Photo Resist)
D. Li, L.-X. Chen, H.-H. Chen, Y.-J. Lee (Shenzhen China Star Optoelect. Tech., China)
FMCp1-4 Design of Optimized OCR Slit-Nozzle for Lamination of Foldable OLED Display with Various Shapes
B.-C. Lee, D.-S. Hong*, W.-S. Park*, K.-Y. Han (Dankook Univ., Korea, *Inha Univ., Korea)
FMCp1-5 To Specialize an Attenuated Phase Shift Mask in DUV Broadband Illumination
M. Hakko, N. Yabu, M. Ando, N. Izumi, K. Nagano (Canon, Japan)
FMCp1-6 TFT Characteristics Improvement by Using Modified Single Slit Mask
G. Shi, D. Xu, Q. Shen, Y. Wang, J. Zhang, N. Zhao, R. Zhou, Z. Zhang, J. Chen, Y. Youn, S. Lee (BOE HF, China)
FMCp1-7 Material Deformation by Using New 3 GeV Synchrotron Light Source
T. Abukawa, W. Yashiro, T. Ejima, M. Watanabe, N. Nishimori, S. Miura, M. Takata, H. Hama (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
FMCp1-8 TFT Fabrication Process Using Imprint Lithography for Roll-to-Roll OLED Display Manufacturing
S. Kim, J. Choi, H. Kim, S. Cho (Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea)
FMCp1-9 Design of LED Lighting for Multi-View Display Application
Y.-M. Weng, C.-C. Chiu, F.-L. Hsiao (Nat. Changhua Univ. of Education, Taiwan)
FMCp1-10L Withdrawn
FMCp1-11L Withdrawn
FMCp1-12L Influence of UV-Ozone Treatment on Properties of Poly(3,4-ethyenedioxythiophene)-Tetramethacrylate Prepared on Various Substrate Materials
S. Tsuji, K. H. Kim, Y. Abe, M. Kawamura, T. Kiba (Kitami Inst. of Tech., Japan)
FMCp1-13L Electrooptical Property of Polymer Stabilized Reverse Mode Cell by Nonuniform UV Irradiation
R. Sasaki, R. Yamaguchi (Akita Univ., Japan)

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Poster FMCp2 : Aerial Imaging Optics
Special Topics of Interest on AR/VR and Hyper Reality

Thu., Dec. 7  15:00-18:00  Exhibition Hall

FMCp2-1 Omnidirectional Aerial Display with AIRR by Using Multifaceted Beam Splitters
S. Onose*, H. Yamamoto*'** (*Utsunomiya Univ., Japan, **JST ACCEL, Japan)
FMCp2-2 Constructing a Sound System As If Sound is Coming from Aerial Image
K. Fujii, N. Kurokawa, K. Kawai, S. Morita, K. Shimose, R. Kujime, H. Yamamoto (Utsunomiya Univ., Japan)
FMCp2-3L Comparisons of Aerial Image Sharpness Formed with AIRR by Use of Retro-Reflectors Made of Glass Beads with Different Refractive Indices
K. Onuki, H. Yamamoto (Utsunomiya Univ., Japan)

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Poster FMCp3 : Components for Automotive
Special Topics of Interest on Automotive Displays

Thu., Dec. 7   15:00-18:00  Exhibition Hall

FMCp3-1 12.3-in. Free-Form Automobile Display with 2BG+R System for Wide Color Gamut
H. Wu, I.-H. Hsieh, Y. Fu, D. Hsiao (AU Optronics, Taiwan)

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